Want to know how to learn French fast? Then before learning how to speak French, first know how to Learn french!

Below you will find helpful tips which if you abide by will help you in this endeavor.

So first of all:

Find Out Your Way of Learning

How do you view your style of learning generally? Do you see yourself as someone who is more inclined to learning using visuals or audios or you love to learn by carrying out a physical activity? This in effect means that you learn best by seeing the words yourself, by listening whilst it’s being spoken to you, or through listening and seeing and associating actions or feelings with them.

The teacher plays his part by keeping in consideration the capabilities of the learner and the lesson objectives to target the appropriate areas and make the lesson a success.

On the other hand however, the student has to consider his own learning style; that is, his strengths or strongest memories in order to use the methods and technologies that best accommodates his level of intelligence.

Memorize at least 30 words and phrases every day.

If you are able to achieve this, it means then that in 90 days, you would have learnt almost 80% of the language. Begin by committing to memory first the most common words because they make up the greatest percentage of words needed for interactions.

  • You need to ensure continuous practice of the words used previously so you don’t forget them as you memorize new words.
  • Put a label of the French word on everything in your house and make sure you say the words out loud whenever you read them.
  • Prepare flash cards and use them when you are on the bus, everywhere or whenever you have a bit of free time

. Practice your speaking skills with someone

Without practicing what you learn, you’re not going to get very far. Even though it takes a considerable amount of effort, so long as you put much effort into it and practice constantly what you’re learning, there’s no reason for you not to learn how to speak French fast.

One way is to find friend online or in your community who speaks french and will be happy to help you practice.

Think in French always.

You can also use French as you default language on your social media. This will make you practice what you’re learning in practically.

Finally, consider to buy:

A good English-French Dictionary

A Workbook with grammar explanations

Speak in French

 This is one of the most important components to learning French. If you want to learn really fast, you have to speak the language, even if you are shy because of how little you know.. Everyone starts off not speaking well, but with practice you’ll improve.

It may seem difficult but don’t give up! It may seem like you are never going to learn it fast enough, but I assure you, you will. So long as you practice and vary your learning methods, there’s no reason for you not to know how to speak French fast.